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Emily Maddox

-------- Licensed Clinical Social Worker --------

Welcome! My name is Emily Maddox and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Tampa Bay Area. I provide online video therapy sessions to clients anywhere in the state of Florida.


I specialize in working with clients who are emerging into adulthood, experiencing many of life's changes throughout their 20's, and seeking a greater sense of confidence and stability while entering their 30's.


While this may be a very exciting time of life, these transitions are often accompanied by new stressors, anxiety, and relational conflict. Some people may even refer to this time as a "quarter-life crisis."


My goal is to provide guidance and support as you navigate through this period of your life while gaining greater self-awareness, exploring your identity, and increasing your self-confidence.

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Individual and family therapy from the comfort of your own home

  • Telehealth services (video therapy sessions) are conducted through a confidential and secure platform, allowing you to receive therapy from wherever you are in the state of Florida.

  • Sessions are 55 minutes and fees are $115 per session. Upon request, I can provide you with an "out-of-network" receipt to submit to your insurance company.

Do you find yourself worrying but don't know why?

Do you often wonder if you made the "right" choice or said the "right" thing?

Do you feel like you're one foot in and one foot out and don't know which direction to go?

Perhaps you have a bunch of thoughts in your head that you are unable to put into words.

If any of this sounds like you, I would be happy to work with you to help you develop the coping skills to manage your stress, organize your thoughts, and confidently make decisions as you embark on your journey towards improved mental health and emotional growth!

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I use a strengths-based, non-judgmental, supportive approach in which you are the expert and leader of your own story. During sessions, I often use evidence based interventions, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to assist you in gaining different perspectives and re-framing your negative thoughts to create a more helpful, positive view of yourself and the world.



Contact me today for a free consultation!

Tel: 813-563-2217

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